Sunday, April 28, 2013

Countdown to National Crime Writing Month

It started off as National Crime Writing Week.... then National Crime Writing Fortnight... now it's National Crime Writing Month.

This blog started off as a virtual event for National Crime Writing Month. On May 1, 2013, we will be kicking off fourth NCWM Blog Event, and the blog has been continuing, year round since it's inception. The biggest challenge has been to come up with fresh topics that a wide variety of authors can speak to. We looked at Great Detectives, Great Villains, Location Location Location, Methods of Murder, and even talked about The Weather. (We are Canadian, eh.)

For this May event, we are looking at Crimes of Passion. The passion could be love, hate, envy, obsession... even extreme irritation. Look for romance, bromance, family drama, betrayal, madness and who knows what else.

For live National Crime Writing Month events, check out Author Events on the Crime Writers of Canada website.

The crown in the month is The Arthur Ellis Awards Gala. This is when we'll find out which of our illustrious finalists are winners. Wondering who these wonderful people are? Read about them and their shortlisted works in the Cool Canadian Crime Shortlist Special.

See you May 1 for the first installment of Crimes of Passion blog series.

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